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Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3D

Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3D
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"The Ants: Kingdom Simulator 3D" is a casual strategy game that simulates the survival of ants. Do you know where the ants live? Do you know what ants eat? Do you know how ants sleep inside? If you want to learn about ants, come and experience it!
Players use God's vision to control ants to go out foraging, collect food
resources, protect queens, cultivate ant pupae, and compete with other players for resources, and continue to develop and strengthen theirselves.
The queen who is responsible for giving birth to small ants, the soldier who is responsible for protecting the home and the country, the worker who is responsible for collecting food, etc.,
All roles in this game are exquisite and vivid, with so much fun you'll be loving it. Download to enjoy and experience Ant's thriling Life!

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Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3D
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