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Best Bitcoin Debit Card

Best Bitcoin Debit Card
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Are you looking for Best Bitcoin Debit Card? Bitcoin is an innovative financial technology that uses peer-to-peer technology to function without any central authority. It also allows the transfer of funds in a very easy way and with low or nonexistent transaction fees.

A debit card attaches directly to your bitcoin wallet, meaning you can use it to spend bitcoins anywhere international debit cards are accepted.

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1. Wirex:

The Wirex app is your all-in-one digital money account. Get free virtual cards, exchange currencies with the best rates, and send money without fees. It’s perfect for everyday use!

You can make cryptocurrencies purchases online and offline via physical VISA debit cards! Funds are available instantly to you on both the mobile and web wallets of your choice. Get your Wirex account with the mobile app or web wallet to have a glimpse of how easy it is!

Wirex is the first financial platform to combine blockchain technology with traditional currency. Its prepaid debit cards are already available worldwide, connected to highly secure and robust infrastructures. Wirex keeps securing its position as one of most pioneer fintech companies.


2. WageCan:

WageCan is a Bitcoin debit card that makes purchases at any merchant possible with your cryptocurrency! With the Wagecan bitcoin debit card, you can pay for large transactions, and there is no need to worry about exchange rates or bank fees. Use your cryptocurrency to shop online, book flights, make withdrawals from ATMs, and more.

Wagecan has a sleek web interface to manage your account and send money instantly via the blockchain. It’s perfect for online shopping or transferring funds to an exchange account!

3. Cointed:

With a Cointed debit card, you can buy groceries in any store that accepts VISA cards. It’s easy to get started. Just get your card and get verified!

You will receive a physical Visa Metal debit card. On the back are the public key QR code, expiration date, CVV2 number, your name and Cointed’s information. It works online, offline or internationally wherever VISA is accepted.

4. CryptoPay:

Cryptopay is a Bitcoin debit card that offers frictionless experience to pay cryptocurrency with the speed and convenience of VISA payments.

It’s super simple to use, just shop online or swipe your card in real stores anywhere in the world. Your funds are always ready to use! At CryptoPay, we believe that spending your bitcoins should be easy, safe and secure.

Cryptopay is issuing physical Visa cards that can be used to spend Bitocoin worldwide. You will have a personal account at Cryptopay where you’ll manage your prepaid card. Application process is easy! All applicants are verified automatically so there’s no way to get rejected for any reason!

5. Bitwala:

Bitwala is launching prepaid cards that will be linked to the wallet on user’s mobile phone apps. It will support multiple currencies, including Bitcoin and Euro! Bitwala says it has partnered with one of Europe’s largest debit card providers, which has issued over 22 mln payment cards in Germany alone. All of them are linked to users’ wallets that can be topped up in various ways.

6. Xapo:

Xapo is a well-known company in the Bitcoin world. Xapo wallet users can get the physical bitcoin debit card and shop everywhere VISA cards are accepted. You can choose from classic or gold metal options! It’s super easy to order, manage and track expenses with your bitcoin debit card.

Xapo takes security seriously and uses many security measures to keep your bitcoins safe. The Xapo Wallet has many layers of protection, including the Hot Wallet with multiple encrypted servers.

7. Uquid:

Uquid guarantees its users that 100% of their funds are protected in a unique UQUID account free of charge! With UQUID card you can pay anywhere including systems where bank cards are usually not accepted.

Uquid lets users top up their bitcoin debit card account easily via bank transfer or with cash through many ATMs worldwide. Users can decide to pay in national currencies or in cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH, XRP and more!

8. Coinbase:

Coinbase is a digital asset exchange company that operates exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

Now it offers a Shift card to its users. The card links directly to a user’s Coinbase account. When the card is used the payment amount is withdrawn from the linked account. Users can put all the money in one place and easily track transactions from one account.

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Best Bitcoin Debit Card
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