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Fatal Slay

Fatal Slay
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Hello, players. Thank you very much for coming to browse this game. This is my first experimental game work to try to release. It may be lack of fun and boring, maybe it is a garbage game.

But I still hope to show it in front of you, so that its little content will be discovered by players.

The game contains advertisements, but there will never be advertisements that pop up suddenly and block the screen. After testing, it may take about 5 times to watch the advertisement to reach the ending. Please forgive me. The advertising content will contain falsehood and exaggeration. Please don't believe it.

Most of the materials in the game come from the free resources of the store, which are written one by one in the game.

In the future, this game may be updated or shelved, because I want to use more energy to complete new works and use more and better works to make players have better harvest.

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Fatal Slay
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Fatal Slay
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