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Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck
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Goose, goose, DUCK? A game of social deduction where you and your fellow geese must work together to complete your mission. Keep an eye out for those malicious Mallards and other birds, who have infiltrated your team and will do anything to stop you.

This Game Includes:
Private and Public Game Lobbies.
Public In-game voice chat and optional proximity chat in private lobbies.
Loads of Cosmetics to customize your goose! Hats, Shirts, Farts, Pets!
Crafting! Complete tasks to obtain materials to craft cosmetics.
5+ maps including S.S. Mothership, Nexus Colony, Black Swan and Mallard Manor!
5+ built-in game modes including Classic, Trick or Treat, Classic+, Dine & Dash, and Goose Hunt!
30+ optional sub-roles including the Dodo Bird, the Cannibal, and the Morphling!

--- Gameplay ---
New Duck Role - It's party time with the new Party Duck
New Celebrity Goose Role - Everyone knows when you die
New Spectator Mode - Watch other people play after you die
New Hang out lounge area. Including a card game.
Go from a public lounge to a private game.

--- QOL ---
Various bug fixes and optimizations.
Improved network traffic for lower bandwidth connections

Fixed Goose feet animation for other players
Goose Goose Duck
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Goose Goose Duck
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January 27, 2022