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Lethal Engagements:Romance you choose

Lethal Engagements:Romance you choose
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Experience the thrill of falling in love with a dangerous assassin!


Your life seemed pretty average. Just your average college student enjoying life. But that all changes when two handsome strangers move in next to you. Something about the two of them seems dangerous… You pass it off as just your imagination and decide to go on with life. One night, though, you witness a murder and from then on, your life is turned completely upside down!

It seems that someone wants you dead and the situation only gets more insane when you find out your two new neighbors are assassins! Could they be behind the attacks? Or are they here to protect you? It’s up to you to find out in Lethal Engagements!


The Alpha Assassin – Zack
Considered one of the most dangerous people alive in the underworld, this assassin is one man you don’t want to mess with. He knows he’s the best and he can be a little hard to approach, but you might end up being more than just his next “mission.”

The Flirty Assassin – Chase
Chase is Zack’s partner and is a formidable opponent in a fight. He also knows his ways with the ladies and is a little more easygoing than his partner. However, his past holds many secrets that he keeps behind a layer of playfulness…

The Protective Friend – Jake
Jake’s been your best friend for as long as you can remember and really watches out for you. Though not a trained assassin, he can hold his own in a fight and is more than willing to put his life on the line for you.

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Lethal Engagements:Romance you choose
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