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A unique minesweeper mobile version!
You’re the monster-fighter who enter the Line to the Devildom to save the Princess.
Follow the principle rules of minesweeper, you expect random events in this roguelike game.
Stage clear allows you unlock a new hero to challenge levels of higher difficulty.
Explore the secret story under the ground.

– Various items waiting for you to collect and use! Complete the missions and defeat the monsters to explore items
– Every dungeon is guarded by a powerful boss. Eliminate him and you will get great rewards in return
– Take care of your limited HP! Being strategic to avoid touching too many mines

How to play?
– Follow the principle gameplay of minesweeper and consider the number that shows the amount of surrounding monsters
– Take advantages of the unique skills of your chosen heroes
– Diverse items and skills benefit your survival in the dungeons

6 Unique hero with own items and skills:

– Annon the Adventurer
Annon from the Baal Kingdom, who has been eager to be a warrior from his early childhood, joins the army of warriors to find the princess under the King's call

– Artemis the Ranger
Artemis of the Nature, the master of archery, joins the army against the Demon Lord with the dispatch from the high-level clergy of her religion

– Angelina the Mage
Angelina from the Kindom of Mages has extraordinary witchcraft gift, and she has become a great mage despite that she is quite young. She enters the Tunnel to the Devildom to further improve herself

Juice Jam

– Squier the Pharmacist
Squier, fond of brewing potions, enters the Line to the Devildom to find materials without hesitation once hearing the existence of rare and precious materials there

– Voozoo the Shaman
Voozoo from the grassland participatedsin the rescue of the princess for the future development of his tribe

– Soldier Cockley
Cockley, who was a mercenary, comes under the king’s call and he swears to break into the Line to the Deviildom for wealth and fame

– Abount VIP
1. You can use all heros
2. Remove banner Ads
3. 1.5 times hero proficiency
4. Unlock special item and skills

Fix bugs on 64 bit device.
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Minesweeper - Endless Dungeon Mod Apk 2.4 [Unlocked]
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Minesweeper 2.4 Mod
January 27, 2022 47.87 MB

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