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Looking for a handy body video editor? PrettyUpis a good choice for you! Not only can you adjust your face and body in photo, but also retouch your video easily. Just a few clicks and get your face tunedorbody enhanced within seconds. Even without any photoretouch or video edit skill, you can naturally smooth skin, remove wrinkles and whiten teeth to glam up your selfies. Slim waist, enhance body and get longer legsalso become possible with the magical body reshaper. In your vlog, amazing filters andeffectsareprepared for you, helping you get more likes on social media. Just download and give it a try, you won’t regret it.

As a powerful video body enhancer, PrettyUp supports editing multiple faces and bodies. You can choose theface or body you want to edit, and adjust more than one face or body in the group. At the same time, you can also edit video clips separately using segment editor to tune different parts of video and get the most satisfying effect. Automatically correct the distortion of camera, recover your true beauty and restore precious moment for you and your friends.

#Excellent video body editor
-Get slim & skinny has never been easier! Slim waist, legs and anywhere you want with our great video slimmer app.
-Stretch legs and look taller. Fit thighs and slim legs. A powerful legs editor won’t let you down.
-Tune and get a flat belly. Don’t worry about wrong angle of camera.
-A wonderful photo reshape app to enlarge yourbody curve.
-Slim shoulder to look in skinny fit figure.


#Magical face retouch app
-Want to fix face swap video? Try our perfect face retouch app to slim your face. Liquify face and get thin facewithwarpfeature.
-Edit eyes and nose with eyes editor and nose editor. You are the beauty trend.
-With this lip plumper, any lipstick just fits you well! Even looking good in a faceplay cosplay video.
-Darken your eyebrows to look elegant for video editing.

#Beauty brightener and face tuner
-Using this amazing face app editor, you can create a makeover in your selfie video.
-Smooth skin and get rid of pimples and acne. That’s a good portrait editor’s job!
-Lighten the dark circles and eyebagunder eyes.Erase nasolabial and wrinkles, help you look younger in camera 360°for perfect 365 days.
-Sparkling eyes always attract attention. Face editing with eyes brightener, you can be the star as well.
-Brighten your lips with teeth whitener, your smile always seems so sweet.
-Touch up face easily and beautify makeup, looking like a celebrity in picture and video camera.

#Reshape, remove and patch
-Want to revise picture professionally? Fine-tune anywhere to editphoto.
-When bothered by the blemishes or passing-by people in your portrait selfie, justtouch retouch withblemish remover to eliminate any unwanted objects.
-Choose reference area and patch your photo. Try thewonderful face edit tools to get an impeccable social media-post photo!

#Skin tone changer and figure decoration
-Easy skin face changercan even the skin tone. Get a natural tan with the skin tuner.
-Add six pack abs and clavicle stickers to make me thin. Without photo shop fix skill can also do well.
-50+fashionable tattoos to decorate your body! Look cool in bikini.


#Filter and effect for everyone
-50+video beauty ins filters to suit your photography! Make your vlog like a movie.
-Don’t miss our wowing dynamic effects! 50+ Instagram and TikTok hitting effects for portrait and VHS effect. Take picturesthen post them on Twitter or Facebook.
-10+advanced professional edit tools to turn your pictures into cool work.

Don’t be hesitated to level up your beauty! Everyone is born to be beautiful. Beauty cannot be scaled or standardized, it lies in our uniqueness and differences. Believe in yourself and always be confident to show the best version of you. Everyone can make their own master pieces using our easy photo and video editor. PrettyUp always be here to help you meet your perfect self.

Added Makeup function for photo edit. Use foundation, makeup, glitter and eyeline to put on makeup.
Added Straight function for photo edit. Make your legs look straighter.
Added Details function for photo edit. Popping out details.
Optimized blend effect in Cutout.
Optimized Skin effect.
Download PrettyUp 
PrettyUp - Video Face & Body Editor Mod Apk 3.8.2 [Premium]
Download - 78.82 MB

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