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TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival

TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival
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Do you like post apocalypse survival? In this game you will meet many interesting monsters and undead. Build houses and equip your base. Craft, mine resources, create tools and weapons. Shoot and kill unique zombies. Create your own open world.

Tegra is a first-person shooter, in which you have to shoot off hordes of monsters and zombies from another world. This survival shooter tells the story of a magical cataclysm which resulted in the mixing of several worlds. Portals have opened to our world from the world of Tegra, through which many magical creatures and zombies have entered. Fight for survival in a huge open world. Choose the best small arms to fight the monsters coming your way.

The player is the chosen one designed to balance the worlds and prevent the total conquest of our world. First, you’ll need to find food and craft some primitive tools.

Game features:

– A variety of weapons to fight zombies, mobs and many other opponents.
– Crafting and building. Unique craft system – get resources, hunt, find many useful objects or weapons. Over 150 recipes for crafting.
– Zombie survival shooter.
– One of the best survival simulator you’ve ever seen.
– Explore the world and gather resources.
– A fascinating storyline.
– Interaction between the world and the environment.
– Unique diverse levels.
– Own a variety of game scenarios.
– Many unique opponents, zombies and bosses.

Are you ready for action in this awesome crafting survival shooter game? If you don’t want to be dead, try to craft the best equipment. Shoot and kill all zombies and monsters in this shooter game! Survive in a vast open world of zombies. Begin your journey and become a hero.

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Hunt. Craft. Survive. Start your best survival adventure!

Online multiplayer will be available soon. Follow our news feed to be the first to know when you can play with friends!

Fixed 400+ bugs!

Everything that you have been waiting:

- Global map and the ability to move freely between locations.
- House building. You can build four floors in height!
- Global changes and improvements in crafting.
- Mining of resources at locations. Now you can cut trees with axe or mining stone, iron and coal using pickaxe.
- Survival system - hunger, injures, poisoning.
New locations: Military bunker, Forest thicket
- Сharacter equipment now visualisation.
TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival
Download TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival 
Free or purchase! Use the modification function, please download the Go Google installer in the station!
TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival Mod Apk 1.4.03
Download - 462.76 MB

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