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Tiny Bakers : Idle Baking Game

Tiny Bakers : Idle Baking Game
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Here's a cute, relaxing idle bakery game where you grow your family of cute tiny bakers who will bake delicious foods (cakes, mochi & more!), collect resources, explore lost islands (watermelon island, coconut island & more!) and discover other rare bakers (Avocado Baker, Pineapple Baker and more!). Invite them to join your family as you expand & build your very own tiny baker family who listens to your command! Instruct them to gather leaves, setup a baking spot, bake a bun or sleep, it's up to you!

Assign task and watch them cute little ones hop to their baking spot, happily bake over the fire before bringing back to Durian Papa Baker. There are also Orange Buddy Leaf Gatherers, Grape Buddy Builders and Watermelon Buddy Mama Bakers, who will play a big part in your tiny baker family.

Tiny Bakers Features includes:

Mini Game – Play mini game to earn extra resources. Depending on your play style, you can choose to farm resources actively (by playing mini game) or passively (let the tiny bakers do the job) or both!

Cute characters with their own baking animation, building animation and sleeping animation (yes, they sleep too!)

Tap on a baker in the game to auto focus on the baker (spy on them baking!) Feel free to zoom in to take a screenshot of them baking.

Calming background nature sound to relieve anxiety and relax in this cute idle bakery game.

30+ Tiny Bakers to unlock. Orange Buddy will gather leaf, Grape Buddies will build baking spots, Rambutan Buddy will collect water and Apple, Pear, Avocado …. (and so much more) will bake!

Law Empire Tycoon

17 different food / recipe to unlock (cakes, mochi and more)!

20+ unique islands to explore! Baking isn’t the only thing you can get from this farming simulation. Explore the valley for hidden islands (such as Mochi Island, Watermelon Island, Strawberry Cake Island) and expand your valley area.

You give the instructions, they bake! Become a rich millionaire tycoon in this cute baking game with the choices you make! Watch as your idle income and population grows more and more each day!

Simple Controls, simply choose what your tiny bakers should do and watch them hop around the valley carrying out the task.

Grow your population and build your very own tiny fruit family!

Minor bug fixes.
Tiny Bakers : Idle Baking Game
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