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Zombie! Dying Island: Survival

Zombie! Dying Island: Survival
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Looking for zombie shooting games? Survive the fallout dark light – zombies defense shooting game for free. Play offline! last shelter zombie apocalypse game.
A mysterious experiment went wrong due to the viral outbreak; almost all the human race turned into Z hyper-aggressive creatures informally known as “Dead Walker”. Mindless walking zombies spread all over the world, survivors are trying to stay alive from an unleashed zombie apocalypse. Zombie! Dying Island – Survival is the best offline zombie shooting game of 2022.

[Day & Night Cycle]
In the world of zombies apocalypse – survivals must scavenge for supplies during the day and light because dead survival turns out to be more violent in the night; when the dead walking triggers they would be hard to find and kill.

Long nights change the game radically, as the zombies become more and more aggressive over time and more difficult to kill. The player must kill the unkilled & find ways to shelter and develop safe zones for himself.

[Industrial Zone]
Night Map – Factory-Industrial Zone has 20 unique missions with a huge variety of infected zombies. Choose your battle hero from character selection then equip your favorite weapon to start fighting the battle of zombies with infested walkers known as zombies.

[City Sniper Zone]
Night Map – City Zone for snipers to snipe the army of the zombie's deadly infected creature from distance in a tight time slot. Clear the road by sniping all the deadly creatures one by one before the outbreak or running out of time.

Star Trek Timelines

10+ characters for the player – choose your hero for this offline zombie FPS game to shoot down hoards of zombies, monsters, and all kinds of dead rising.

15+ weapons are available for the player to defend and kill deadly walkers.

•Night mode with stunning high-quality visual graphics.
•10+ intense third-person player characters.
•A huge variety of scary creatures zombies.
•15+ melee and advanced weapons.
•Move, Swipe-Aim and shoot.
•Offline FREE Zombie Shooting.

+Have old(season 1) primary missions back. Now the game has three modes to play.
+Reduce fire sound volume for all weapons
+The weapon switcher button will be disabled if no backup weapon is available
+Fixed restore purchase button
+Fixes in the zombie voice fx
Zombie! Dying Island: Survival
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Zombie! Dying Island: Survival
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